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Lori retired from the Colorado Springs Police Department after 21 years of service in August of 2018. While with CSPD she worked in patrol and crime prevention, taught at the police training academy, and ran the community animal response team (CART); at the same time, she worked part time as an animal trainer, animal caretaker, veterinary receptionist/assistant, and self-defense instructor! Lori is currently the director of Spirit Keeper Equine Sanctuary 501c3, does relief work as a veterinary assistant/receptionist at Animal Medical Services, and is the owner of Behavior Education LLC. Lori has worked with several species of animals over the years and is currently working with horses, dogs, pigs, and snakes. She has an applied science degree in Zoo Keeping Technology and has earned certifications with the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT-KA). Lori successfully completed the 8-week Living and Learning with Animals course through Behavior Works and the 6-week Foundations in Snake Training course through Reptelligence. In addition to her daily work caring for and training animals, Lori is working on snake behavior studies, snake training and enrichment trials, supervising interns from the local community college, and producing YouTube videos. In 2019 Lori had one of her snake training articles published in the IAABC Journal:

Lori's interests outside of animals include science, science fiction, martial arts, and hiking. Her favorite science fiction series of all time are Star Trek the Original Series, Star Trek Discovery, Stargate Atlantis, Doctor Who, and Babylon 5. Her favorite domestic animal breeds are Arabian Horses, Collie and Norwegian Elkhound Dogs, and Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pigs. Lori's favorite wild animals are African Painted Dogs, Bredl's Pythons, and  Przewalski's horses.

Lori is available for lectures, workshops, animal training, horseback riding lessons, self-defense classes, Refuse to Be A Victim seminars, and is able to bring some of the animals she keeps and works with to educational programs and outreach events. Please contact her at or call (303) 921-0785 for prices and information about booking an appointment or event. Costs of services vary; however, $75 per hour is average for most things, not including travel expenses if applicable.